Thursday, October 9, 2008

White Rock Fire Fighters, Local 2407 plan the biggest fund raising event in their locals history!

White Rock Fire Fighters have their plates full with this one! With a small local of only twenty-one members, the White Rock Fire Fighters will be trying to raise $50,000 for charity by 2010.

The plan is to cycle from Halifax Nova Scotia to White Rock B.C. in September 2010. The ride will be a relay, with one rider always on the road, 24 hours a day. The plan is to complete the trip in less than two weeks. This will not be an easy undertaking for the members of Local 2407, as they only have a couple members with cycling experience and they will need at least five to seven riders to complete the trip.

The atmosphere around the firehall is positive and the fire fighters are excited about the challenge. "I'm looking forward to getting into the sport, getting really fit, and to be a part of raising a lot of money for a great charity", said Fire Fighter Bira Bindra after the locals last union meeting.

Local 2407 will be approaching other fire fighting locals from all across Canada and possibly the U.S. for donations but understand that to make an event like this a success, most of the money will have to come from corporate sponsorship and donations.

Keep your eyes on this webpage to hear the latest news and to see how the event is progressing!

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