Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Final Day pics......

The crowd coming down Marine Drive.

The group coming over the last climb of the day.

Damian (Peninsula Cycles) and Captain McNabb on the final climb. Both of these guys dedicated and sacrificed a lot for Shore2Shore. Thanks for all the effort boys!

The crew brought us into town in first class fashion!

White Rock Fire paid on call members greeted us at the hall when we went by. These guys are a stand up crew. Their members donated to Shore2Shore by covering the cost of the CanaDream RV! Thanks so much for the support.

E1, Tower1 and the Deputy Chief taking us into White Rock. Not a dry eye in the group when these guys came into sight!

Surrey E13 picked us up at their city limit. This was it, we were getting close now! Thanks to Surrey Fire and their members for the memorable ride into town!

216th and zero! A ride we have all done a thousand times!

Local 2407 members, Scott Hamilton and Bira Bindra joined us for the ride from Hope. Both of these guys planned to do the whole trek from Halifax but were held back for different family reasons. We were all stoked that they still got to take part and ride the last 140km.

Chris Coburn (The Peak 100.5FM) and Mike Passas by the airport in Abbotsford.

This guy never stopped helping. Murray our CPX driver at one of the stops handing out drinks and PowerBar product to the riders. Couldn't have done it with out you Mur....Thanks!

White Rock Mocom1 trailed by Abbotsford Fire and the rest of the Hop on in Hope group riding through the flats with Sumas in the background!

Abbotsford Fire showed some unbelievable support today!

Perfect day for a ride. This pic is of the group going over the Fraser.

The group before leaving Hope.

Passas getting a little emotional when he saw Bancs and Mossop roll into Hope to take us home. Mike put endless amounts of work into this ride. He was the guy behind all the mapping and routes. He broke down each and every day, through each and every city. The ride went so smooth solely because of this guy right here!! Great work.

Bancs on the left came out to Hope to bring us back to White Rock on our final day. A huge thanks to Mike and Davey Mossop for their effort! The lady on the right just saw us on Global and was coming over to donate to the ride. We had multiple Hope citizens come by right after the Global bit to see us off and donate to Shore2Shore. Thanks to all of them.

This was beside Birdy's bed for the whole trip.

The night before, Damian had his hands full getting bikes ready for the next day!

Fulton (AKA Futz, Foots, or Futes) receiving the King of the Mountains socks for the trip. This guy tackled some big climbs and a cold at the same time. Total trooper, nice riding!

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