Thursday, September 9, 2010

Finished up day 2!!

First of all, thanks to all those checking out the blog over the last couple days. This will be a short one, sorry. Really bad connection hear in La Pocatiere, Quebec. Crazy day. Lot's of wind and rain, mixed with beautiful roads and rolling hills.

On behalf of the entire Shore2Shore team, I want to thank both the fire and police departments, of Halifax and Miramichi, for all of their hospitality over the last few days. Thanks to everyone in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. The drivers have been unbelievably friendly, not only have they been giving us tons of room on the road, but in both provinces people have been stopping to donate money and at one of our stops a lady gave us 4 full lobsters........

We ride through Quebec city in the morning, looking forward to that! Stay tuned. Hopefully I can get some photos up tomorrow!

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Cordsfolks said...

S2S boyz:

No day 3 update, but know u got thru OK. Bet some of u are sore by now. U must be close to Mt Trembly where you stopped. Practice your French, u may need it in Noranda. Looking forward to next comments on Day 4.