Monday, September 13, 2010

Thunder Bay...Day 6 is behind us!

We had some ups and downs today and not just with the road. We have experienced some RV problems, some bike problems, some minor weather problems, and our cell phone has decided to just stop working! Yesterday the wind gusts reached up to 45km/hr! All would be good if they were tail winds but we were not so lucky! We had a similar day today, mixed with some scattered showers. Not the best combo for cycling!

Even with all of our issues, we are still managing to have a great experience. We arrived into town on time and safe. And the guys are all still feeling pretty solid! Thunder Bay Fire has put us up tonight at one of their halls. A big thanks to them! This is a beautiful city and a pretty unbelievable province to ride your bike through.

We are off to Dryden in the morning. We are cramming 7 riders into one of our RVs to do the ride, as the other RV needs to stay in Thunder Bay for repairs. It has a door that needs to be fixed. The thing is barely staying attached!

Surprisingly I have not even recieved one rib about the Toronto Maple Leafs while we travel through Leaf Nation. Funny thing, I did have a lady at the grocery store say that they are going to have a great season!! Gotta love a Leaf fan!

......I just tried posting pics but I couldn't even load one. My computer seems to be functioning just like the cell phone! I will try again tomorrow.


Cordsfolks said...

Hi Guys:

Well it appears that the ride is not always a bed of roses, is it. We can imagine what it must be like to pedal into a headwind for hrs on end, and lashing rain does not help either.

Too bad you firefighters couldn't harvest all that hot air you sometimes generate with your renowned home cooked meals at the fire hall, and then you would have somewhat of a tailwind to counter the other.

We have influenced a number of others to follow the websight and hopefully they will contribute financially as well.

Keep up the progress and leave lasting impressions with those easterners you come in contact with, as they need our guidance even though they truely do believe they are the center of the universe, and this is born out by the fact that they support the Toronto Maple Laughs and actually think that some of us out here pull for them also !!!

Keep up the effort and prepare for the "Flatlanders" upcomming. You should be made to feel welcome on the Prairie.


DB Local193 said...

Hey Eric

Hope you and the guys enjoyed your sauna, shower and stay at North Central Fire Station.
It was a pleasure meeting everyone and on behalf of IAFF Local 193, I wish you and your brothers a safe and successful conclusion to your quest.