Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just about to leave Dryden and ride our way out of Ontario.....Pics from Day 7 as well!

Dinner in Dryden.

Little bit of an inside joke on the CPX Bus!

110km to go!


Fraser hit some bad roads leaving Thunder Bay.

Guys flying out to a call just when we arrived.

The guys getting suited up before blasting out!

Thunder Bay Fire gave us full run of the hall. This was the set up for the night on Day 6.

They had the craziest fire poll. The fellas had to try it out!


Garnet said...

Hi Eric,

Glad to see you are on track! Can you give me a call or email to set up some stuff for when you come thru Swift Current? I sent an email to your hotmail account.

ph 306-741-8363


Garnet Decker
Swift Current Fire Fighter

Twyla said...

So glad you were finally able to upload some pictures. They are fabulous! It is nice to see that you are finding time to laugh and be your goofy selves! Keep smiling!

Twyla and Laurie