Sunday, September 19, 2010

Salmon Arm, White Lake...Two days to go!!

Dinner pics from the Tracy's home


White Lake Fire

Thanks for the escort!

Murray switching wheels!
First of all, a special thanks must go out to Canmore Fire. They were completely awesome! I can't begin to thank them enough for all the support they offered us.

Today's ride started out not too bad out of Canmore, with nice temperature, no rain, and only a mild wind.

Of course as the ride went on, the winds rose (although at our back) and the temperature dropped. The guys sure did tough it out in their wet and cold situation! It was pretty sweet to see the BC border sign! There was an instant feeling of home and the tough weather seemed to be easily put into the back of our minds. While all the provinces were very unique in their own way, there was something about cycling through the mountains of British Columbia. It was truly the best part of the whole trip!

The riding today was definitely the most scenic, especially through Rogers Pass. While it was scenic without a doubt, it was also a little dangerous. We could have done without the construction and large tractor trailers.....especially given there was no bike lane or shoulder!

The day came to a great conclusion, with both the White Lake and Tappin Fire Departments meeting us on the highway outside of Salmon Arm. Not only did White Lake Fire provide us with a monetary donation, but they also gave us an escort to a family member's home (a White Lake Fire member). We were given warm showers, a place to do some laundry, and a home cooked meal. Thanks guys!

We are off to Hope tomorrow, where we will spend our last night on the road before returning to White Rock. We are looking forward to meeting up with all the participants of "Hop on in Hope" and seeing all of our family and friends again.

If the connection is good, there will be some pictures to follow!

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