Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day 4 - Rouyn Noranda

Quebec was beautiful and we got here in good time! The CPX rv arrived in town ahead of us and managed to get a huge pot of pasta on for dinner. Everything is going smoothly! Here are a few pics from the day 4.
The guys in CPX got twisted around on some back roads of Quebec. Not really sure how they turned that thing around on that road!

Mikey P....doing some riding in the rain. Par for the course for our first couple days in the east!

The guys found some sun shine. (Damian, Fraser and Al in the photo)

Captain Moore is going to love me for this one.....One of our three drivers, which of course we could not have done this without. Thanks to Barry, Murray and Terry for all their hard work!

Our bikes being stored in the trailer between rides. Working out perfectly!

Passas doing some trick photography......47km/hr while taking a picture of your bars.....Don't try this at home!

Fraser heading out for his turn!

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Tony Tanti said...

time for Terry to ride a few km's I think