Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Just arrived in Dryden. Through day 7 and half way through the ride!

We flew through the day today! The RV was fixed and they caught up with us in time to all ride into town together. All 9 of us hit the road, despite some strains, pains, and a brutal head cold that we have going around.


Cordsfolks said...

Hi Guys:

Well it must feel great knowing that your half way there, and it sounds like your not even half way spent. The strain and pains were enevitable, but the head cold by commitee is something else to deal with.

Must have been a great sight with all the riders riding into Dryden together IMPRESSIVE even.

Rest up, its all down hill from here. Looks that way on the map anyhow !!!

So far the missing parts have been 1 mechanic, 1 Medic, and I wonder what the next week will bring???


Twyla said...

Congrats on completing half of the ride! Way to go guys! Yippee! Cheers to beautiful roads and weather to come, as well as no more head colds!

Twyla and Laurie

Meg said...

You have been through some beautiful areas of Canada. All the best as you begin the last half of your journey. Thanks for the news, pictures and updates of your trip. It is exciting. Wishing you all a healthy and enjoyable trip.