Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 1 is Done!!

Damian and Fraser working on the bikes in the truck bays before crashing out for the night!
Miramichi Fire set us up at one of their halls for the first night. They even cooked up a huge spaghetti dinner for everyone! Unbelievable hospitality and great people! We had a wicked first day! More posts to come tomorrow.
Police escort into Miramichi, NB. 7pm. Yep, that's rain, lots of it!
Not good!!....125km into the morning. We road gravel for the next 50km! Beautiful place but not such a beautiful road for the skinny tires!

Bird was the first guy to hit the road solo after our police escort from Halifax. Couldn't have been a better guy to have this honour, after all of his hard work over the last couple years for S2S. This is one of my favourite parts of the trip so far!

Minutes before the roll out! Left to right, (back) James, Fraser, Bird, Passas, Al, Damian, Pat, Eric, Cordell, (front) Murray, Terry, and Barry.

The official wheel dip....

James and Evan (with their girls), along with Pat and Eric before the flight from Abbotsford.


Cordsfolks said...

Congrats on the tuff 1st day !!!

Bet your glad to have the first one down, but we bet your bodies are speaking to you all. Better you than us old farts. Looking forward to updates and we will be cheering across the miles.

Sherrie and Sandy Fulton

Twyla said...

Hey guys! We are glad to hear that day one went well for you. Besides the rain and dirt roads of course! Best of luck for the rest of the ride. We will be thinking about you! Go Shore2Shore go!

Love Laurie and Twyla

Tony Tanti said...

Awesome, if you can get through rain and gravel on day one then you're ready for anything.

Nice work guys!

Dave Russell-Coutts

Bird Girls said...

What an adventure & it's only the
1st day!! Thanks for keeping us posted we love looking at the pictures. Shore2Shore Rules !!!
Love, Bird Girls.