Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Winnipeg!!!! Day 8 complete!

We arrived here in pretty good time today. Gone are the hills, so we were able to cruise at almost 40km/h for the last 90k. So far, we have seen 4 bears, some elk and bison, and we finally saw a moose! Northern Ontario is a pretty beautiful place!

We are receiving unbelievable hospitality from the guys at Winnipeg, Fire Local 867. They have allowed us to park our vehicles at the south end of town at hall #23. The guys cooked up a monster batch of chilli for us and offered us the use of their hall. We took them up on some space and have set up a make shift bike shop to get our bikes all squared away and ready to go for tomorrow! The local even went out of their way to put together a donation towards Variety and Shore2Shore! These guys have been over the top wicked! On behalf of our local and all the riders of Shore2Shore, we want to thank the members and the city of Winnipeg for their incredible support and contribution!

I will try to post some pics from the day, but as per usual our computer connection is in and out....go figure, we are just outside of the city!!

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