Monday, September 20, 2010


Thanks again to White Lake Fire. They escorted us out of town with their new pump. Thanks to their members for all the support and for the donation they made to the ride.

The morning started out with a beautiful ride out of the Shuswaps. It did not take long, however, for the rain to catch up with us! The story of the day was...rain, rain, rain and more rain! Even so, there was some great riding out of Kamloops and on to Nicola Lake. Riding out of Merrit was great as well.

Another huge thank you goes out to Pritchard Fire. They met our guys out on the highway with 4 trucks! Thanks to them for their donation as well!

The Coquihalla was CRAZY! It was side ways rain, poor visibility, and near zero temperatures. There was tons of traffic (large tractor trailers everywhere) and quite a bit of construction. Thank goodness for the support follow vehicle, as it was very dangerous. I don't suggest anyone to attempt this by bike! Let's just say that we were stoked to get off of the hwy and onto Othello Rd. to Hope.

We arrived in Hope at 4:30. We ordered a bunch of pizzas, did some laundry, got the bikes cleaned up and are getting ready for the morning.

We are definitely looking forward to Hop on in Hope in the morning! It is going to be unbelievable...we just know it! An early thank you to everyone for participating.

We can't wait to hit the beach in White Rock around 2:30PM tomorrow! See you all there!


Meg said...

Welcome Home. You folks did a great job and it was a priviledge to meet such a fine group at the White Lake stop. rain rain rain. Thank you for sharing your excitement and trip with us.

Cordsfolks said...

Riders - shore2shore:

Congrats to all of you for bringing us all to the final leg with you. Its been quite a ride and a honor to travel along with you.

A great big hug to all those smaller towns and firehalls for their support and turn out. You will all ways have a place in your hearts and memories for places like White Lake, Tappin, Canmore, Pritchard, Hebert, Swift Currant, Dryden, Miramichi.

Ride safe, and good luck to all the Hop On In Hope riders. See you all when you touch down in the waters of the Pacific.

Its not even raining !!!